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Site Report

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Collate information in real time

The ultimate on-site tool to produce a clean, effective, informative Site Report from each site visit.

Captures record of Briefings

Log close calls instantly

Create snags

Resource Reports

Site Report

Increase the quality and efficiency of the Site Report.

The Site Report can be tailored to the individual project requirements. Different Roles can be assigned individual reports to tailor the information from different personnel on site.

Each report allows you to add a time, photo and notes in real time creating a contemporary record of site activities.

Close Calls

Improve communication of issues found on site

Close calls can be logged instantly detailing hazards found on the work site.

Encourage reporting by having access on the application rather than a paper form.

Each close call raised will notify the relevant parties such as the Project management & SHEQ team, improving communication of issues found on site and prompting quick close out.


Manage snags/defects reports in real time

Effective management of snags/defects can prevent unnecessary reduction of a Projects profit margin. Manage your snags with SiteMate which enables snags/defects to be reported in real time.

With the ability to add photos, priority allocation and action owners it allows the users to capture the snag/defect instantly allowing the site team to react quickly, assisting in efficient Project Delivery


Manging resources is a key deliverable in successful Project delivery

The resources function on SiteMate allows you to create a resource report to compare your planned resources v actual resources.

Any variances found will be flagged to the Commercial team instantly increasing the control on costs.

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