Managing project deadlines

Not managing key project deadlines is costing you!

Missing key dates and milestones is all too familiar within the UK construction industry. Missing deadlines can have massive financial implications with an added hit to the reputation of your business.

Business leaders and project teams are taking note and looking to implement change.

How can we make project over-runs a thing of the past?

The stats

75% of projects are not meeting deadlines.

Only a quarter of projects are hitting planned deadlines in the UK construction industry.

With client satisfaction up against a decline over the last three years, why are so many projects still missing milestones?

A few processes

Pre-construction team

Some business appoint a pre-construction team to plan projects as robustly as possible.

Basic project control

Most Construction business have basic Project Control processes in place.

Doc control

Calculate the cost of the solution vs the savings generated.

Issues with current solutions

Transfer of information

Getting information from site back to the project team requires a lengthy admin process creating inefficiencies.

Spiraling project issues

Mounting issues on a project means that a ‘Firefighting’ approach is taken. Most proactive planning processes go out of the window.

Defect close out

Dispute over defects found on projects mean that re-works required push completion deadlines and increase costs.

How can software soltions help?

Construction software can increase outputs by 15%.

Implementing effective software solutions into your business can have a massive, positive impact on productivity and can create efficiencies of up to 15%.

When implemented successfully there are several key benefits that software can bring to your projects and help you achieve key project dates.

How software can help?

Real time data

No lag in receiving data from site. The project team can be empowered to make proactive decisions, rather than reactive.

Improved quality of information

Capturing information from site at the time of the event leads to better quality data being available to the project team.

Collaborative approach

Share data with all key project stakeholders quickly and effectively improving communication lines.

Time savings

Save unnecessary admin time and allow team members to work more efficiently.

How SiteMate can help?

SiteMate is your one stop shop for digital transformation on your project.

Capture and collate information from site easily, automate the analysis of the data and create specified reports and analytics tailored to individual users.
Enhance collaboration with the project team and key project stakeholders in real time and drive data driven decision making on your projects.

How SiteMate can help?

Easy digital transformation

Seamless integration of our digital tools created by people, who have shared the pain of collating, managing and processing paperwork on major projects.

Make data driven decisions

Have all the key information available at project and site team’s fingertips, by having all the key data at hand and processed in real time.

Remove silo working

Input and view information from all areas of your business or projects, data can be shared across the organisation and benchmarked.


Data captured from site equips the projects teams with dashboards, graphs, and reports, these can be tailored for each role on the project team.

PCT are a team of rail & construction professionals and software developers who have developed simple, easy to use solutions for projects and businesses alike.

Having managed large infrastructure projects across the UK and experienced the issues first-hand, the solutions they have created make the lives of the project team easier and allows them to focus on delivering the programme of works rather than on trailing through and completing onerous paperwork.

PCT objective is to empower the user by having a digital tool at their fingertips which helps save time, increase efficiencies, and deliver the project at cost.

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Managing project deadlines

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