How it Works

SiteMate aims to aid compliance, monitor on site performance and ensure a safe and successful project delivery.

Product Features

Site Pack

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Site Report

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Site Pack

No more bulky site files

View all required site documentation using SiteMate Projects. View key documents electronically, such as design drawings, plans, ITPs and work programmes.

No more printing masses of paperwork

Access Documentation quickly

Tailor Site Pack to individual requirements

Our Software

5 Key benefits of Using SiteMate


Spend more time on delivery than paperwork.


Reduce time spent on completing and managing documentation.


No paperwork required, quality PDF documents created.

Ease of Use

User friendly onsite application aimed at all member of the Project Team.


Supported with a web browser based back-end program enabling easy transfer of documents to company systems.


Reduce admin, remove the need for paper

Deliver Task/Daily Briefings, Tool Box Talks, Risk Assessments, Safety Alerts and Inductions electronically.

Upload Briefings quickly from internal systems

Gather attendee information quickly

Get a clean, timestamped PDF signature sheet

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