BR Rail

Project: Across projects

Duration: Ongoing

Time Savings: 2hrs per team, per day


BR Rail carry out various works on the rail infrastructure across the UK. These works range form Planned Preventative Maintenance on lineside building and structures to minor projects.

BR Rail have implemented SiteMate across their projects which has enabled them to go completely paperless for project processes. Head office has instant access to completed works to share easily with their clients.

Dashboards detailing portfolio performance are also created and used for a key management tool.

How is SiteMate used?


Digital Documentation

Site information was uploaded to SiteMate allowing easy access on site.


Site Reporting

Daily Site Report was completed by teams across the BR Rail business.


Site Forms

Forms have been created to digitise businesses processes. These include mileage logs, timesheets, vehicle checklists and many more.



Tool box talks, safety alerts and daily briefings have been uploaded to the system and signed off by the BR Rail team.


Dashboards – Weekly and Monthly Reporting

Dashboards gave an overview of project performance. These were also given to the clients installing confidence in delivery.

What the team said

‘We introduced SiteMate into BR Rail to assist with managing the various live contracts we have. Our teams complete all site documentation digitally and once completed we can share with all key project personnel.

As our teams work across the UK, it’s a great tool for communication and getting key info back from our sites quickly’

Steve Freeman – Manging Director

What the team said

‘If there are any issues picked up on the reports we don’t have to wait for the teams to return to the office. We can view on SiteMate in real time and tell them to return to site and resolve any issues’

Vinz Kuech – Construction Manager

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